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C cover which produced by us is widely used in the field of endoscope spare parts market, it is easily to be broken also very import in the endoscope. It is used to install on the head-end of endoscope, which is an prior part of the endoscope into the human body, with it so the operator can see the image from the body, and sometimes will operate in the body through it. C cover we produced can be made of the common material PEEK material or 304 material . At the same time, we can flexibly choose and specify the material according to customer requirements for C cover non-standard custom, and the material used can be determined according to the specific situation, you can take the drawing, we will give you the suitable advise also. For the products have many small holes, so it is very hard for the step burring, it needs the manual work to finish it. we have many rich experience workers in production team with high precision machinery, will use perfect production technology to make this product in the process of production be stable to meet the standard size error. Between different batches usually has the deviation but within the customer’s expectation . At last, with strict quality control process, the most perfect product will be finally be delivery to customer. 

Company Profile

Hangzhou Xinzeyuan Precision Products Co., Ltd. is located in China, which is a professional high-tech companies can produce high precision products. 

Our customers

C cover in endoscope is popular both in China and overseas, with a high sales level among similar endoscope parts, and has received very good quality feedback from our customers, such as America, Europe, South American and so on. Also we will try to sell the products to more countries, to send the best service for our potential customers with our best products.

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