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The disposable biopsy forceps are of a superior quality and ergonomic design. These features enable an easier and more safer removal of tissue samples, polyps and other foreign bodies.

As a result of first-class design, the biopsy forceps can be inserted smoothly into the working channel of any endoscope and be controlled precisely, even at sharpl angles. The extra sharp jaws can be closed accurately and ensure a clean cut with minimal effort. The extensive range offers the perfect solution for each applicati¬on: whether with spike or without, with smooth or serrated jaws, with coating or without.


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Mainly composed of clamp head assembly, spring tube, plastic handle.  The material has no side effect on human body.  Simple operation, smooth hose, not easy to damage the endoscope forceps hole, strong through.  The knife edge of forceps head is sharp and the patient is less traumatized.  


It can be used for biopsy or forceps removal of foreign bodies from digestive tract and respiratory tract under endoscope.  


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Easy perforation parts are strictly prohibited to use.  Others are determined by professional doctors according to the actual condition of the patient.  


Founded in 2010, Hangzhou Xinzeyuan Precise Products Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise which is committed and expertise in development and application of precise components and medical parts, also providing design/development and sales solution of medical apparatus and instruments.Specialized in manufacturing precise components and medical parts in endoscopy. We have workshop with 16000 square meters, also we have ISO13485, ISO9001, IATF16949, ISO14001 and so on.

Our company can do OEM with above products for endoscope manufactures: biopsy forceps, insertion tube, coil pipe, coil pipe assembly, distal head, c cover, endoscope fitting, bending mesh, bending section, bending section assembly, Y pipe and so on, you can inquiry with your drawing, will give you the price asap.

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Biopsy Forceps ∅2.3mm Oval Cups Biopsy Forceps with needle/without needle img (2) img (1) 
∅2.3mm Alligator Cups Biopsy Forceps with needle/without needle
∅1.8mm Oval Cups Biopsy Forceps with needle/without needle
∅1.8mm Alligator Cups Biopsy Forceps with needle/without needle

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